My main scientific interests lie in the fields of Optical Communication and Condensed Matter Theory. I am particularly interested in the following topics in Optical Communication:

  • Nonlinearity compensation algorithms
  • Nonlinearity-tolerant high-dimensional modulation
  • Applications of the Nonlinear Fourier Transform
  • Forward error correcting codes
  • Geometric and probabilistic shaping
  • Space-division multiplexing
  • Optical fiber communication system modeling and simulation

As time permits, I like to stay up to date with developments in condensed matter theory, with a focus on strongly correlated electron systems. I am interested in the effects of spatial correlations in the following contexts:

  • Collective excitations
  • High-temperature superconductivity
  • Ultracold atoms
  • Kondo effect
  • Non-equilibrium phenomena

To address such physics, I have co-developed quantum impurity solvers based on continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo algorithms and a class of methods known as diagrammatic extensions of dynamical mean-field theory. We have recently summarized the progress in this field in a review, which has published in Reviews of Modern Physics.
I am a contributor to the open source scientific computational libraries TRIQS and ALPS.